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The Society extends membership to persons who are not less than eighteen years (18) of age at the time of application and who: -

1. Are of good character and continue to be so.

2. Are interested in and, support the aims of the Society.

3. Have complied with the joining conditions (listed below).

4. Agree to comply with the rules and by-laws of the Society.

5. Have paid the joining fee, the annual subscription fee and continue to be financial.

To join the Society, a prospective member will need to : -

A. Apply to the committee of the Society, via the approved form, which must be completed correctly and be duly witnessed by an authorised person. This form is available as a 2 page download, but MUST be returned as a single, DOUBLE SIDED form.
2 separate sheets will NOT be accepted.

B . Supply two (2) written character references on separate sheets. The required references will be accepted from any person who has known the applicant for a minimum of twelve months. The references MUST NOT be from immediate family members and, must be written or typed by the person who is the referee.  Those persons may be contacted by the Society to conduct further checks.

C. The contact details of those persons writing the references must be included on the application form.

D. Only an
authorized person may witness the signing of the application form, by the applicant.

E . The applicants name will be publicised at three general meetings and the applicant will be expected to attend one of those three meetings. 
(This condition may be varied, by the committee, if great distance, employment conditions, or health, create serious problems. The applicant will need to write or speak to the Secretary to arrange this variation) 

F. When all conditions are met, the applicant may be accepted as a Society member. At that time, the applicant will be contacted, advising him (or her) of their acceptance, or otherwise and fees required to establish membership. (Currently, the Joining fee is $20 and the Annual Subscription is $30) (Should the application be declined, all paperwork will be returned to the applicant.) Fees are due by June 30th each year. Advice of this is in the newsletter which is online and in print, available to each member in plenty of time.

 G. No application will be accepted unless it is compliant.

 H. Applicants should also read and understand the declaration on the reverse of the application form.

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