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                                                                        OUR  HOME

   Our  home is the 7th Ballarat Scout Hall, 26 Orion St Sebastopol.

Heading out of Ballarat down Skipton St towards Sebas. turn left at the traffic lights at ALDI.

Drive as far as you can till Sayle St ends in a T intersection.Turn right.

50 metres on the right is the Scout Hall. Meetings as usual......1930 start, all welcome.Last Wednesday each month,March till October


  Last evening, the 15th May 2014 saw the Society commence a Group E Mail service to every member whose e mail address we hold. The purpose is twofold.....

   Starting now, every member will get mail from us containing"Fusillade" every two months,

and secondly should a situation arise that requires urgent notification to our members,it can be done to all with a push of the "enter"key.

Please check your mail, and if you didnt get it, it may be that either its in your Junk box, as some have been,or it has been returned to us because your e mail address is NOT up to date with us. If its in junk mail, hit "not junk mail" and it goes into in box and next time its sent it goes to in box coz it will be recognised.

We hope this service is of benefit to you.

                                                                       SUBS DUE

   Its that time of the year again when memberships need renewing. Your membership expires on June 30th. Thank you for your continued support. Please include your name in the reference box if paying by transfer, so we know who sent it.









Anybody who has an event that is firearm or history related, is welcome to advertise on this site free of charge.  Send details.
Anybody that can supply more details, or flyers, of events listed, is likewise welcome to submit the information to
BAAMCS via, the Contact Us form upload.  Thank you.​








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