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  After a reduction over the last few years of Members requesting Fusillade be posted to them,we now find ourselves in a position where it is no longer viable or practicable to offer this service.Apologies to those members affected. Fusillade is, and, will be of course available  on the members page.(and it prints out nicely.)You will notice this issue contains more pages than it has previously, and this may well be a benefit of providing the articles in this format only.We hope so. If any have any articles for the Editor, please contact Graeme @



  Graeme Standen. Sec.

                                       SCAM WARNING!

  FEBRUARY 19  2024.

      Today we received a couple of reports from members stating that they were unable to access the link  provided to them in an e mail purportedly sent by BAAMCS.

BAAMCS has sent NO such e mail. We have not asked for early payment of membership dues. Please DO NOT respond to any such mail you receive.

As Secretary, I would appreciate contact with any member who can pass on any helpful info, so it can be relayed to Australian Federal Police for actioning.


                                PROGRESS REPORT

We are in the happy position of now having at least a couple of avenues to pursue in relation to hiring a venue to hold our monthly meetings, and are in the process of doing so.We will keep you up to date with the outcome.Many thanks to those who contacted us with names and contact details,we appreciate your input.







Anybody who has an event that is firearm or history related, is welcome to advertise on this site free of charge.  Send details.
Anybody that can supply more details, or flyers, of events listed, is likewise welcome to submit the information to
BAAMCS via, the Contact Us form upload.  Thank you.​








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