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This page is for members and potential members only. 

If you need to send us money... Our BSB is 063507, A/c 1025 7521 (Ballarat Arms) (Combank)

2020-21 Membership cards Dear unfinancial member. You are now late with your membership fee. That means you now have had a late fee added, which makes a grand total of $50 for the year to June 30th 2021.

If you look at your membership card, it has the expiry date on it.

All members were POSTED a comprehensive letter in March, advising there was to be no reminder before the due date (which has now passed)

The information has also been on the website, in several places, with increasing visual urgencysince late April.

Reminders were also within the pages of Fusillade, in MARCH (April) and again in MAY (June)

You should perhaps look at the declaration, on the Membership Application form, which you signed to join. This details the procedure and consequences.

We (BAAMCS) will place a list of defaulters in the hands of LRD, as of 29July.

This may cause collections to be confiscated, or need to place the item/s in the hands of a Dealer whilst the membership is sorted out.

After 28th July, it’s a totally new application and membership.

If you intend to continue yourmembership, please transfer the monies ASAP.

Bank details are on top of this Member’s Page.

If you wish to pay in cash, please drop off this at DAVE WRIGHT MILITARIA,BALLARAT.

Ifyou want to discuss this matter, please use the Contact Us form at the head of the Home Page.

Andrew Day (President BAAMCS)

News...  All meetings of the Society are hereby suspended until further notice. 

This will mean a delay to the AGM, and the situation may continue until Febrary 2021. 

The Committee has agreed to continue their roles until elections can be held.


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The Society newsletter FUSILLADE, is published bi-monthly.  Closing date for publication is the 5th of every second month, whilst the publication date is the 10th.  

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