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This page is for members and potential members only. 

If you need to send us money... Our BSB is 063507, A/c 1025 7521 (Ballarat Arms)

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News... Due to concerns over the Virus, the MARCH, APRIL and MAY meetings are now cancelled


BAAMCS Theme nights


To assist our members enjoy their night at our monthly meetings, we have published a list of theme nights, in our club magazine ‘Fusillade’ and, on our website.

At each meeting there will be a handout pamphlet to remind you of the next month’s theme night.


 February 26th:        Annual shoot at Ballarat Pistol Club. Details in Member's newsletter

 March 25th               Edged weapons, including daggers and bayonets, pre 1900  cancelled

 April 29th:                 World War 2 Weapons and Memorabilia. cancelled

 May 27th:                  Pre-1900 Weapons and Memorabilia. Civilian or Military. cancelled

 June 24th:                 Show and tell, bring along one of your favorite things.

 July 29th:                   DVD documentary night: The Pattern Room for Royal Armories. All things guns.

 August 26th:            AGM   A  "What is it" night.   Bring along those unidentified items in your collections.

 September 30th:    Bang stick night. Bring in a gun to show off.

 October 28th:         Modern Weapons and Memorabilia in war and peace, Post 1945.