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This page is for members and potential members only. 

If you need to send us money... Our BSB is 063507, A/c 1025 7521 (Ballarat Arms) (Combank)

News...  All meetings of the Society are hereby suspended until further notice. 

This will mean a delay to the AGM, and the situation may continue until Febrary 2021. 

The Committee has agreed to continue their roles until elections can be held.


​Newsletters for your reading pleasure and information, including Fusillade, BELOW.


The Society newsletter FUSILLADE, is published bi-monthly.  Closing date for publication is the 5th of every second month, whilst the publication date is the 10th.  

NATIONAL SHOOTING COUNCIL BLOG (New) Updates automatically.

Fusillade 170 June - July 2020

Fusillade 171  August-September 2020

Bendigo Collectors  ( September 2020)

NZ E-Gazette (October 2020)

Shepparton Collectors​ (NVACG)(Sept)

Other newsletters via <>

North Western Ranger (8/7 newsletter Feb 2020)

WA Arms and Armour Society ( March -April 2020 )

HAMST Journal  (Tasmania) (March 2020)

Northern Territory Collectors (June 2020)

Heritage Arms SA (September 2020